A few benefits of online business directories

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A few benefits of online business directories

Majority of small business owners know about online business directories like Classified 24, but aren’t really clear on how beneficial they are to their business. Online business directories are not just an online version of the Yellow Pages, where you have to physically search through information and flip through countless pages to find what you looking for. They are complete platforms that enable users to immediately identify, learn more about, and contact businesses relevant to whatever your search may be. Online business directory listings can work beautifully for your small business. Below are a few ways that online business directories can assist you in getting your business name out there.

Business Directory Costs

There are plenty online business directories for which listing your business comes at no cost. Some are free but require additional payments for extra features that may assist by adding additional information, such as multiple locations or categories, etc. Including a link to your website, or call to action, removing unnecessary ads from your listing, or adding photos and video of your business.

Improve Online Presence

If you search for your business on the internet, you are most likely going to see your business show up in directories for which you never submitted a listing on. Additionally, this is because many online business directories today pull data from other larger directories and automatically create business listings for you.


This means that getting listed in one directed can save you precious time by having your business on other directories by doing nothing, allowing you to kill two or more birds with one stone. One of the down falls is, sometimes the information/data doesn’t transfer over properly, that’s why it’s important to check, claim, and update your listings as often as you can.

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